The Ultimate Fighter - Season 29 Episode 5

Sixteen top mixed martial arts fighters compete for a UFC contract.



Episode:5/394 eps

Duration:60 min




Season 1 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Sixteen Mixed Martial Artist fighters arrive in Las Vegas to begin their journey towards fame and fortune. Coached by Ultimate Fighting Championship legends, Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, they will fight each other for two six-figure contracts in the UFC."
"Team Couture and Team Liddell compete against each other in a test of strength, agility, and will. After several grueling challenges, two fighters are eliminated and sent home."
"In preparation for the premiere fight, a top contender struggles to lose 20 lbs in 24 hours or face elimination. Two fighters christen the Octagon with a classic battle of brute strength."
"After losing three of its members, Team Couture comes up with a new strategy to get a win. UFC President Dana White throws a twist into the competition and two Middleweights face off in the Octagon."
"A night on the town for the team members turns violent. Contest rules are broken and the responsible fighters are reprimanded. Dana White and his coaches wrestle with how to settle the conflict."
"Two contestants go into intensive training as they prepare for battle. Both teams rally around their fighters as the emotional conflict is settled in the Octagon."
"After the much-anticipated Leben vs. Koscheck fight, people in the house are divided as ever. To make matters worse, one of the teams is struggling with discord among its members. The Light Heavyweights have their turn in the Octagon with a match up that pits two of the strongest fighters against each other."
"One fighter creates controversy by training with the opposing team, Nate discovers his fate in the game, and a previously eliminated fighter gets another shot at the contract."
"The Light Heavyweights compete in a challenge, and controversy arises during the fighter selection. The mood turns ugly when the fighters suspect there is a thief in the house."
"Forrest\u2019s cut puts his dream for the contract in jeopardy. The remaining fighters hear a surprising announcement from Dana that effect who they will fight to get into the finals."
"Forrest is still up in the air about his future in the contest, but he does get his stitches out and the healing is progressing nicely. The fighters continue their battle for the remaining spot in the middleweight finals."
"The light heavyweight semi-finals are up. Stephan Bonnar fights his close friend and training partner Mike Swick in the first bout. Forrest Griffin finds out if his cut has healed enough to fight Sam Hoger or give up his chance for the contract to alternate Bobby Southworth."
"In a 2 1\/2 hour extravaganza and for the first time on free broadcast television, the TUF finals will be live from Las Vegas on April 9th. In the middleweight division, Kenny Florian faces Diego Sanchez, and in the Light Heavyweight division, Forrest Griffin will take on Stephan Bonnar. Both of these final matchups will be undercards to the UFC matchup between Ken Shamrock and Rich Franklin."
Season 2 - The Ultimate Fighter
"The Ultimate Fighter is back and this time it\u2019s the heavyweights and welterweights. Eighteen of the world\u2019s toughest Mixed Martial Artists arrive in Las Vegas to compete for two contracts with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Coached by UFC World Champions, Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin, the two teams will battle each other in the Octagon to see who survives to become The Ultimate Fighter."
"The coaches make their choices and Team Hughes battles Team Franklin in the first challenge. The opening fight of the season is a knock-out brawl between two welterweights."
"Coach Hughes gets annoyed with the constant whining of one of his fighters. A new fighter arrives at the house ruffling some feathers and the heavyweights prepare for their first battle in the Octagon."
"The fighters form alliances to advance in the competition. Coach Hughes plays mind games with Jorge. And a second welterweight is sent home in brutal fashion."
"Matt continues to taunt Jorge. Team Franklin adopts some bizarre training practices. And two more heavyweights go toe to toe in the Octagon."
"A dispute over Rashad\u2019s conduct in the Octagon leads to tension at the house. Matt makes his team pay for Tom\u2019s loss. A welterweight suffers a crushing defeat in an all out three round slugfest."
"Jason\u2019s victory fails to win over Matt Hughes. The teams are re-balanced. Things get slippery at the next challenge. And clash of styles in the Octagon sends another heavyweight home."
"Team Franklin launches a sneak attack on Team Hughes. Dana warns the fighters to step it up in the Octagon if they ever want to make it in the UFC. Two welterweights listen to his advice and go to war."
"After his victory, Luke goes on a binge. Brad quickly learns how different training is over at Team Hughes. And a heavyweight must live up to everyone\u2019s expectations."
"Team Hughes is stunned by Mike\u2019s humiliating loss to Rashad. Dana announces the fight match-ups for the semi-finals, and a welterweight demonstrates his killer instinct to become the first finalist."
"Rashad Evans takes on Keith Jardine in the first heavyweight semi-final match. But before the fists can fly, Rashad must contend with Matt Hughes being his corner man."
"A doctor examines Jason\u2019s cut to determine if he can fight. If he can\u2019t, Marcus will take his place and fight Joe in the 2nd welterweight semi-final. In the heavyweight semi-final, Brad and Seth battle for the last spot in the finals."
"The finals take place and the two six figure contracts are awarded. First, in the welterweight division, Joe \"Daddy\" Stevenson will face off against Luke Cummo. Next, Brad \"Hillbilly Heartthrob\" Imes will battle it out with Rashad Evans in the heavyweight division. Then, one of last year's winners, Diego Sanchez goes face to face with Nick Diaz for the main event."
"No description"
Season 3 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Season three of The Ultimate Fighter pits legendary rivals Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz against each other. As coaches, Tito and Ken train a new army of mixed martial artists from the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain. The fighters are evaluated, teams are selected, and two middleweights clash in the Octagon for a chance at becoming the next Ultimate Fighter."
"A basketball drives a wedge between the teams. Feathers are ruffled as Coach Ortiz takes Matt Hamill under his wing. And two light heavyweights fight for a spot in semi-finals."
"An alliance is formed between two fighters who are on opposite teams. Rory is getting on people\u2019s nerves and Tito picks two middleweights to fight in the Octagon."
"Team Shamrock is upset with their lack of training and take matters into their own hands. Fed up with Matt\u2019s behavior at the gym, Bisping gets drunk and goes on a tirade. And two more light heavyweights compete for a spot in the semi-finals."
"After another crushing victory by Team Ortiz, Ken Shamrock searches for answers to why his fighters aren\u2019t winning. His frustration boils over and Ken loses his cool. The bad blood between coaches spills over to the next two middleweights who are preparing to bang their way into the semi-finals."
"Matt\u2019s Hamill\u2019s behavior continues to irritate his teammates. Fighters start going stir crazy in the house. And someone receives disturbing news."
"After Noah quits the competition, Dana White brings in a fighter to replace him. With Team Ortiz\u2019s morale low, Tito lifts their spirit with a special surprise. Josh Haynes and Tait Fletcher battle it out in the Octagon in the third preliminary Light Heavyweight Fight."
"Ed \u201cShort Fuse\u201d Herman finally gets his day in the Octagon. Will he be able to prove that Tito should have picked him first or will Danny \u2018The Assassin\u2019 take him out?"
"Tito\u2019s prodigy Matt Hamill finally gets his chance to fight in the Octagon against Mike Nickels. But Matt gets little support from his teammates have issues his superior skills and cockiness."
"The semi-final match-ups are announced. Ken and Tito face off in a competition of their own. And the first finalist emerges from the Octagon."
"It\u2019s almost the end of the competition and the fighters are going crazy. The last middleweight semi-final fight pits Ed Herman against Rory Singer."
"It\u2019s the light heavyweight semi-finals with Josh Haynes facing Jesse Forbes and Ross Pointon taking on Michael Bisping. Two will move on to battle it out for the contract in The Ultimate Fighter Live Finale."
"The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finals are set. In the Middleweight Final Kendall Grove will face Ed Herman. Michael Bisping and Josh Haynes will square off in the Light Heavyweight Final. Also, Ultimate Fighter Season 1\\'s Kenny Florian will take on Sam Stout."
"No description"
Season 4 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Sixteen mixed martial artists, who have all fought and lost in the UFC, get a chance to put their careers back on track. The winners will receive one hundred grand and a championship title fight in the welterweight and middleweight divisions of the UFC."
"Team Mojo has control and decides to mess with Team No Love, but Shonie\u2019s carelessness jeopardizes thier strategy. And things get bloody as two middleweights step into the Octagon."
"Shonie Carter\u2019s antics drive everybody crazy in the house. The fighters get a chance to watch UFC 60 featuring the return of legendary Jiu-Jitsu fighter Royce Gracie vs. welterweight champion Matt Hughes."
"A fighter breaks the rules and is punished. A contagious skin infection spreads through the house. And the second middleweight elimination bout takes place."
"Team No Love must find a replacement for a disqualified teammate. Shonie turns the swimming pool into a recycling center. The welterweights are up for elimination."
"One of the fighters gets a special message from home. Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin joins the training staff and Charles McCarthy earns a new nickname."
"Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin offers some controversial advice. Matt \u201cThe Terror\u201d Serra finally gets his chance to enter the Octagon in the last welterweight preliminary fight of the series."
"Shonie decides to practice with the opposing team. UFC Light Heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell joins the training staff. And Patrick Cot\u00ea faces Jorge Rivera in the final middleweight preliminary bout."
"The remaining fighters meet with Dana and the trainers to decide the Semi-Final match-ups. The first Middleweight semi-final takes place."
"Team No Love devises a unique way to get back at Shonie for his annoying antics. And the long awaited rematch between Matt Serra and Shonie Carter takes place to decide who will face Chris Lytle in the finale."
"The fighters get stir crazy and take it out on the house. Travis Lutter fights Pete Sell in the first middleweight semi-final."
"Mikey gets some bad news. The fighters play a prank on Charles. And Edwin DeWees takes on Patrick Cot\u00ea to decide who will face Travis Lutter in the middleweight final."
"It\\'s the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 Finale live from Las Vegas, Nevada. Matt Serra will face Chris Lytle in the Welterweight Final. And in the Middlweight Finals, it is Patrick Cote vs. Travis Lutter."
"No description"
Season 5 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Sixteen lightweight mixed martial artists head to Vegas for their chance at a UFC glory and a six-figure contract. And for the first time on the series, coaches BJ Penn and Jens Pulver will fight each other on the season finale."
"BJ Penn has a surprise for Jens Pulver. Choice words cause an eruption at The Ultimate Fighter House. And another lightweight\u2019s dream of a UFC contract is crushed in the Octagon."
"Team Pulver is 2-0 against Team Penn and BJ is not happy. Gabe continues to struggle with his weight making him a possible target for the next fight. And Team Pulver gets a surprise guest coach."
"One fighter tries to take an easy path through the competition while another fighter disappoints his coach during crunch time. Team Pulver gets a surprise visitor and two more fighters step onto the battlefield."
"Team Pulver has racked up four wins in a row against Team Penn. Still struggling with his weight, Gabe Ruediger is the likely target for Team Pulver\u2019s winning machine."
"It\u2019s two fights in one show. It\u2019s Joe Lauzon vs. Brian Geraghty, followed by Rob Emerson vs. Corey Hill. Who will move on to the next round and gets a shot at the ultimate prize?"
"After five humiliating losses, BJ shakes things up and kicks one of his fighters off his team and the next two fights marks the end of the preliminary round of the competition."
"Tensions at The Ultimate Fighter house reach an all time high and a fight breaks out. The quarterfinal match ups are announced. Who will be the first lightweight to make it into the semi-final round?"
"Guest Coach Randy \u201cThe Natural\u201d Couture pays a visit to Team Penn to offer his expertise and to support one of his prot\u00e9g\u00e9s\u2019 Gray Maynard as he prepares to enter the quarterfinals against Brandon Melendez."
"It\u2019s the last two quarterfinal match ups. Two fighters from Team Pulver go head to head in the third quarterfinal fight but only one will advance to the semi-finals. And Manny gets a visitor as he prepares for the last quarterfinal bout."
"Manny Gamburyan\u2019s cousin and UFC veteran Karo Parisyan almost gets into a fist fight with Nate Diaz and the first semi-final fight takes place with the winner moving one step closer to becoming the next Ultimate Fighter."
"It\u2019s mayhem at The Ultimate Fighter\u00ae House as the fighters go stir crazy. And Gray Maynard faces Nate Diaz in the last semi-final match to determine who will move on to fight Manny Gamburyan in the live finale on June 23rd at the Palms Hotel."
"UFC returns to The Pearl at The Palms for The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale. The main event will feature Jens \u201cLil\u2019 Evil\u201d Pulver vs. BJ \u201cThe Prodigy\u201d Penn while Nate Diaz faces Manny Gamburyan for the title of Ultimate Fighter."
"No description"
Season 6 - The Ultimate Fighter
"UFC Welterweight champion Matt Serra and former champ Matt Hughes face off on the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. They split up 16 Welterweights into teams and the mind games begin. The first preliminary fight takes place."
"Following his defeat, Joey threatens to leave the show and Serra goes ballistic. Hughes passes out bibles to his team. And the second preliminary fight takes place."
"While Team Hughes prepares for the next fight, Team Serra gets down with sake and paint. Joey\u2019s makes a final decision on whether he\u2019s going to stay or go."
"After Billy\u2019s loss, Hughes takes out his anger on his team. One of the fighters threatens the production crew and Dana has to decide whether to kick him off the show."
"A fighter receives tragic news from home. Mac blasts Bowman\u2019s marital arts skills. Team Serra looks to win its fourth straight bout."
"Team Hughes needs to win the next fight to have a say in the Quarter-final match-ups. Hughes teaches Dan a painful lesson. The sixth preliminary bout ends in controversy."
"After suffering 5 straight loses, Hughes unleashes his wrath on his team. Team Serra turns on George. The 7th preliminary fight takes place."
"Jon Koppenhaver is an explosive fighter with a troubled past. Tommy Speer is a Minnesota farm boy with overpowering strength. The two face off in the final preliminary fight."
"Matt Serra makes his picks for the quarter-finals. Dana asks Team Serra to make a tough decision. It\u2019s time for the first quarterfinal fight."
"Four team Serra fighters are forced to fight each other in the quarter finals. Matt Serra decides he can\u2019t corner against members of his own team and Troy Mandaloniz feels ignored by his coach."
"Disqualified Team Serra fighters drown their sorrows in booze and leave a nasty surprise for Team Hughes. Ben and Tommy face off in the last quarterfinal of the season. Dana and the coaches pick the match ups for the semis."
"Four fighters are scheduled to face off in the semi-finals, but one backs out at the last minute. Who will take his place and get a shot at the finale on December 9th in Las Vegas."
"The Team Serra vs Team Hughes welterweight finale broadcast live on December 9th from The Pearl arena at The Palms in Las Vegas. The technical skills of Mac Danzig take on the brute strength of Tommy \u201cThe Farmboy\u201d Speer in a contest to see who will walk away with a six-figure UFC contract. Then, in a main event that rocked the Octagon off its foundation, \u201cEl Matador\u201d Roger Huerta will clash with fellow lightweight Clay \u201cThe Carpenter\u201d Guida."
"No description"
Season 7 - The Ultimate Fighter
"It's win or go home! 16 fighters enter the Octagon to earn a chance to compete on the newest season of The Ultimate Fighter! TUF Season 1 winner Forrest Griffin coaches against current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton \"Rampage\" Jackson."
"The first eight have won their way into the house; who from the remaining 16 will emerge victorious and earn a coveted spot on The Ultimate Fighter?"
"Rampage and Forrest pick teams; one fighter has a contagious skin disease that jeopardizes his future in the competition."
"Matt Riddle is dying to fight and Dante messes with his head. The second preliminary bout turns into a battle royale between youth and experience."
"Jeremy's obnoxious behavior rubs his fellow fighters the wrong way, and a controversial result causes one coach to unleash his fury."
"Both teams are rooting for Matt Brown to beat down Jeremy May, and everyone is shocked when two nice guys transform into savages in the Octagon."
"The final 3 preliminary fights are decided. In the first of two bouts, an inexperienced combatant faces an intimidating foe. And a battle between two heavy-hitters causes friction between the coaches."
"Rampage's trash talking sets Forrest off. After the final preliminary fight, Dana and the coaches are faced with their own challenge: deciding the quarterfinal matchups."
"Jesse's uncontrollable appetite could be his undoing leading up to his quarterfinal fight against Dante. Then the guys prepare for a brutal showing from two of the house's hardest hitters, Matt Brown and Amir."
"Jeremy tries to sabotage one fighter's dream as the last quarterfinal fights get underway. After Tim fights Dan, and Cale takes on CB, Dana sets up the semifinal matchups."
"Forrest and Rampage go head-to-head in the Coaches\u2019 Challenge. Tim Credeur intervenes to save his pal Jesse Taylor when alcohol transforms him into a crazy, drunken animal. Then the two friends must face-off in the Octagon for the first semifinal fight."
"In a special 90-minute episode, favorite CB Dollaway battles ironman Amir Sadollah in the second semifinal fight. And, after the most shocking event in Ultimate Fighter history, Dana is forced to make his toughest decision yet."
"The seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter culminates with a three hour live broadcast on Spike TV! After the most shocking twist in The Ultimate Fighter history, see the finals of the middleweight tournament live. Plus, a feature bout between Kendall \\\"Da Spyder\\\" Grove and former middleweight champion Evan Tanner. Also on the card, fights featuring Diego Sanchez and Spencer Fisher."
"No description"
Season 8 - The Ultimate Fighter
"The first eight fighters have earned their way into the house. A fight-ending injury, a no-contest and a light-headed fighter highlight an explosive first episode of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter!"
"The final eight fights take place, and an injury causes one fighter to postpone his dream of becoming the next Ultimate Fighter."
"Coaches Nogueira and Mir pick their teams. A night of drinking brings out the good, the bad and the ugly in lightweight Junie Browning. The first preliminary light heavyweight match-up is fought."
"Drunken debauchery puts the future of two lightweights in question, and after a grueling preliminary battle a fighter's rage causes chaos in the Octagon."
"A coach steps in as the pranks go too far. Team Nogueira trains with UFC World Champion Anderson Silva before two more light heavyweights face off in the Octagon."
"Rolando's black belt is called into question by the other fighters. An act of disrespect at the fight announcement injects more hatred between the teams, leading up to the most intense lightweight showdown yet."
"Mir punishes his team with a grueling workout regimen. Nogueira has a blowout with a fighter who\u2019s been talking smack. Two light heavyweights with opposing styles face-off in the Octagon."
"The pranks at the house reach a new low. A fighter turns on his own teammate, offering up secret advice before a highly-anticipated lightweight bout."
"A fighter gets knocked out at the house. Light heavyweight Kyle Kingsbury prepares to face Team Mir's number one pick, Krzysztof Soszynski."
"Habitual hugger John Polakowski turns mean after Team Mir messes with his cereal. George Roop struggles with an injury before battling it out with John in the last of the preliminary fights. Dana and the coaches set the semifinal matchups."
"The road to the finale makes it's final stop as eight fighters enter the Octagon - which four will make it to the Palms in Las Vegas and get their chance at being the next Ultimate Fighter?"
"The road to the finale makes it's final stop as eight fighters enter the Octagon - which four will make it to the Palms in Las Vegas and get their chance at being the next Ultimate Fighter?"
"The Finale features the last battles for the Lightweight and Light Heavyweight Ultimate Fighter Team Noguiera vs Team Mir season winners."
"No description"
Season 9 - The Ultimate Fighter
"For the first time ever, The Ultimate Fighter will be country vs. country as the United States takes on the United Kingdom. Dana White travels to England to watch 16 of Great Britain's toughest welterweights and lightweights fight their way onto coach Michael Bisping's UK Team."
"With Team United Kingdom set, the US elimination fights get underway in Las Vegas. But the Americans stumble badly out of the gate, and Dana questions Team United States commitment."
"The Americans and Brits move into the house as a fighter loses control and is ostracized. The last two Team USA members are decided when Kiel Reid and Jason Dent take on Frank Lester and Rob Browning."
"Team USA grows tired of Bisping's cockiness and retaliate against the British team. After a clever strategy session and intense training it's finally time for the first US vs UK preliminary fight."
"Team USA\u2019s infighting drives one American to form a bond with the Brits. Four fighters enter the Octagon for lightweight and welterweight bouts, and a coach fails to support his team member."
"One fighter\u2019s nerves nearly incapacitate him. Another makes a pre-fight bet that ends in a bizarre payoff. Two fights in one episode continue the battle between nations."
"Sudden injuries and infections leave everyone wondering who will be chosen to fight. Pierce becomes an outcast among his team. Bisping and Henderson go head-to-head in the Coaches Challenge."
"A Team USA injury becomes a nasty infection, while one of the Brits struggles with a career-threatening mental problem. Then, after the next preliminary fight, Dana is forced to make a controversial decision that could blow the competition wide open."
"Dana decides which Team USA fighter will replace Jason Pierce and take on David Faulkner in the final preliminary fight. And both teams collide in a heated argument over changing training times."
"Dana adds a wrinkle to the semifinal matchups that infuriates the coaches. Team USA wonders if there's a traitor in their midst. And a bruising three round battle kicks off the semifinal fights."
"One Team UK member is exposed for his embarrassing habit, while another suffers an injury in training. And in two action-packed semifinal match-ups, four lightweight fighters slug it out to earn their spot in the live finale."
"Michael Bisping drops by the house for a meal with his fighters, after which some UK teammates get out of control. Then in the final semifinal fight, Frank Lester and James Wilks face off in a rematch to see who will fill the last spot in the finale."
"No description"
Season 10 - The Ultimate Fighter
"This season of the Ultimate Fighter features heavyweights including superstar street fighter Kimbo Slice. Coaches Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans continually argue before picking teams. The first preliminary fight takes place."
"Rampage scrambles to teach Kimbo new skills, while Team Rashad\u2019s Roy Nelson is deemed \"uncoachable.\" Team Rampage picks the next matchup, pitting size against skills."
"Street-fighter Kimbo Slice races to learn all he can before he takes on former IFL champion Roy \"Big Country\" Nelson. And ex-NFL giant Marcus Jones causes trouble for Rampage."
"A fighter keels over at the house, giving Kimbo hope for a comeback. A member of Team Rashad spills the beans on their fight strategy. And, two more heavyweights do battle as Team Rashad tries to extend its winning streak."
"Zak Jensen faces mockery at the house and problems in training. Matt Mitrione tests Rashad\u2019s patience with an on-again\/off-again shoulder issue. Rampage looks to break his losing streak in the fifth preliminary fight."
"Rampage's hazing of Darrill Schoonover reaches a boiling point. After relentless teasing at the house, the fighters bet on which day Zak Jensen will finally snap. An injury puts a fighter's future in doubt."
"Rampage and Rashad nearly come to blows. Matt Mitrione continues to cause problems for his team by betraying one fighter and then lashing out at another. The 7th preliminary fight takes place."
"Matt Mitrione and Scott Junk return from their fight, battered and bruised. In the last preliminary fight, Jones faces Mike Wessel. The quarterfinal matchups are announced."
"Mitrione wavers on whether he can fight, sparking speculation that Kimbo will return to the Octagon. Justin Wren and Roy Nelson square off in the first quarterfinal fight."
"Questions continue about whether Matt Mitrione will fight, prompting a visit from Dana. Kimbo battles an injury with hopes of returning as a replacement. Teammates Brendan Schaub and Jon Madsen face off in the second quarterfinal fight."
"Dana talks to Kimbo about replacing Mitrione. Marcus Jones unleashes his rage outside the cage. The last two quarterfinals are fought, followed by the semifinal announcements."
"The two semifinals are fought. Two heavyweights earn a spot in the Live Finale on December 5th in Las Vegas."
"Season 10 ends with a final bout in Las Vegas to determine the recipient of a six-figure UFC contract. Also featured on the card Light Heavyweight bout between Matt Hamill and Jon Jones."
Season 11 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Legendary UFC rivals and former TUF coaches Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz return to carry on their feud as 28 Middleweights arrive at the new expanded training center and fight their way into the house in a brutal and sometimes bloody elimination tournament."
"After surviving the elimination fights 14 middleweights move into the house. Dana confronts Chuck about his controversial team picks, while injuries take a toll on Team Ortiz. Then, two middleweights face off in the first preliminary fight."
"One fighter's dream comes to an abrupt end, opening the door for another to return. Team Ortiz struggles to find harmony during training. Two Middleweights leave it all in the cage for a slot in the Quarters."
"One fighter accuses another of stealing his clothes, and they almost come to blows. Then two preliminary fights in one electrifying episode!"
"Wildcard speculation heats up, surgery sidelines a fighter, and Tito makes an uncharacteristic apology - all while 2 fighters prepare for the 5th Preliminary match-up."
"A disgruntled fighter calls Tito out on his training techniques, and an injury sends another to the hospital. After Chuck and Tito face off in the coaches challenge, dodgeball, it's time for the sixth preliminary fight."
"Nick Ring faces an uncertain future after his knee gives out in practice, comeback kid Seth Baczynski takes on rookie Joe Henle in the 7th Preliminary Fight, and Dana announces which 2 contestants will get a second shot in the Wildcard fight."
"Kyacey Uscola and Kris McCray face off in the Wildcard fight. Dana visits the house and makes a shocking announcement that shakes up the competition. And then two fighters battle it out in the first Quarterfinal fight."
"Tito shares disturbing news with his team. In the quarterfinals Kyle Noke faces wildcard winner Kris McCray, and Brad Tavares takes on Seth Baczynski. A verdict in the cage starts a rumble in the gym."
"It's Jamie Yager versus Josh Bryant in the last quarterfinal fight, with an ending that leaves both teams in shock. Dana makes an unprecedented decision that turns the competition upside-down. After the smoke clears, the semifinal matchups are announced."
"In a special 2-hour episode Rich Franklin takes over as the new coach of the red team, and several of the fighters have finally had it with Jamie Yager. All this plus two semifinal fights: Court McGee faces Liddell teammate Brad Tavares, and Josh Bryant takes on Kris McCray in a rematch."
"In a special 2-hour episode Rich Franklin takes over as the new coach of the red team, and several of the fighters have finally had it with Jamie Yager. All this plus two semifinal fights: Court McGee faces Liddell teammate Brad Tavares, and Josh Bryant takes on Kris McCray in a rematch."
"Court McGee and Kris McCray battle for the six-figure contract, Keith Jardine faces Matt Hamill, and plenty more action from The Palms in Las Vegas!"
Season 12 - The Ultimate Fighter
"After 28 lightweights arrive to the UFC training center Dana White introduces the coaches: UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Season 1 alum Josh Koscheck. A day of fast-paced and intense elimination fights culminates with 14 winners securing a spot in the house."
"Fourteen lightweights move into the fighter house. GSP tricks Koscheck at the team picks, then chooses the match-up for the first preliminary fight of the season."
"Alex Caceres annoys the other fighters with his bragging. An unimpressive training session forces Josh Koscheck to reprimand his squad. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson visits the gym on fight day as two more lightweights face off in the cage."
"Sevak flies into a violent rage after Alex runs his mouth yet again. Two fighters prepare for a showdown in the Octagon, but one of them must first overcome pre-fight jitters."
"An ill-advised prank makes Alex Caceres an outcast on his own team. Former UFC champion Chuck Liddell pays a visit to Team Koscheck. And two more lightweights face off in the Octagon."
"Following the team's first win Koscheck talks smack to Michael Johnson, but then gets a dose of the same medicine from Cody McKenzie. And the fates of four fighters are determined in two lightweight matchups."
"Koscheck and GSP step up to the plate for the Coaches Challenge. Last pick Dane Sayers and Judo champion Sako Chivitchian face off in the final preliminary fight. Then the wild card matchup is announced."
"What starts out as smack talk turns into violence when Kos and Team GSP Medic Brad Tate put angry hands on each other. Stevens seeks redemption for his quick loss as he takes on Wilkinson in the Wild Card fight to fill the final slot in the Quarters."
"The Quarterfinals get underway as Judo expert Sako Chivitchian of Team Koscheck takes on Team GSP's rising star, Jonathan Brookins. In the second fight skilled pupil Nam Phan faces Koscheck's trash-talking nemesis, Cody McKenzie."
"In the last two Quarterfinal fights, Wild Card winner Aaron Wilkinson faces Team GSP elder statesman Kyle Watson. Then antagonistic teammates let their fists do the talking when Michael Johnson finally takes on Alex Caceres. And the Semifinal fights are announced."
"Marc Stevens goes overboard when he rants to his teammates about Coach Josh Koscheck. Then in the first Semifinal fight, Team GSP teammates Jonathan Brookins and Kyle Watson face off for the first slot in the live finale."
"Team Koscheck pulls a prank on unpopular teammate Nam Phan. Then, in the last Semifinal, Phan takes on GSP first pick Michael Johnson to determine who will face Jonathan Brookins for the UFC contract."
"On Saturday, December 4th, the twelfth season of The Ultimate Fighter ends and the six-figure UFC contract is awarded live from Las Vegas on SPIKE. Coach Josh Koscheck will have to watch as two of Coach Georges St-Pierre's fighters, Michael Johnson and Jonathan Brookins, battle for the night's honors. Adding to the evening's excitement, the main card features a Light Heavyweight Bout between TUF Season 1 veteran Stephan Bonnar versus Igor Pokrajac and a Middleweight Bout between TUF Season 3 Champion Kendall Grove against Demian Maia."
Season 13 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos take control of two opposing teams of fighters."
"Keon Caldwell struggles during an intense Team dos Santos training session and vomits. He tells dos Santos that it is hard for him to be away from his family.\n\nBrock Lesnar admitted that he expected to lose the first fight between his sixth pick, Nordin Asrih, and Team dos Santos's top pick, Shamar Bailey."
"Brock Lesnar's \"making chicken salad out of chickens**t\" comment confused his team, but he recovered by telling his fighters they became chicken salad once they had made it onto the show, and he also told them to stay motivated.\n\nJustin Edwards, a former Bellator fighter and 5-0 in his MMA career, arrived to replace Keon Caldwell on Team dos Santos."
"Team dos Santos was in high spirits after retaking control of matchmaking duties. Lew Polley believed that his team and the rest of the coaches were fighting as one, while Team Lesnar was not as well put together.\n\nLesnar returned after leaving before the Len Bentley - Ryan McGillivray fight and congratulated Bentley on his efforts. Lesnar shows a commitment to getting wins from his four remaining fighters yet to compete: Charlie Rader, Tony Ferguson, Clay Harvison, and Chuck O'Neil."
"As Lesnar continued to scold his team after Charlie Rader's loss to Ramsey Nijem, Len Bentley came back into the room, and Lesnar questioned his toughness. He said that Chris Cope (the only Team Lesnar fighter to win his bout through four prelimary fights) is the only one that has impressed him so far. Back at the house, Bentley continued to vent his frustration and showed his dislike of Lesnar."
"Team dos Santos is in the locker-room after Mick Bowman's lost. dos Santos gives a speech about fighting an exciting fight but assistant coach, Lew Polley, cuts in and gives his own speech contradicting what dos Santos said.\n\nDuring a sparring session, Len Bentley collapses in pain holding his knee. Lesnar is bothered by the injuries his team is sustaining.\n\nHarvison and Bentley are both at the hospital where they find that both their respective injuries are nothing to serious."
"Len Bentley of Team Lesnar is confused about why he wasn't chosen for the wildcard match-up. He confronts Dana White about it but instead, asks for a rematch with Ryan McGillivray at the finale.\n\nJunior dos Santos defeats Brock Lesnar in the Coaches' Challenge which involved football drills. After winning, dos Santos gave his share of the cash prize with members of Team Lesnar excluding Brock himself."
"UFC middleweight Brian Stann, arrives at the gym to give a pep-talk to the fighters.\n\nShamar Bailey confides to his teammate about a back injury he has.\n\nChris Cope asks his teammate, Nordin Asrih for advice on fighting Shamar Bailey."
"Chuck O'Neil tries to share the 5000 dollars he earned with his friend, Charlie Rader. It is revealed that Rader owes child support."
"Tony Ferguson apologizes to his team about his actions but his team does not believe his apology was sincere.\n\nBrock Lesnar informs Dana White that he had to pull out of his bout with Junior dos Santos at UFC 131. Dana goes on to say that Lesnar would be replaced by Shane Carwin."
"Ramsey Nijan battles Tony Ferguson for the six-figure contract. Also, Clay Guida welcomes Anthony Pettis to the UFC."
Season 14 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Dana White welcomed the 32 fighters, consisting of 16 featherweights and 16 bantamweights, to the show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. He introduced them to the coaches, middleweights Jason \"Mayhem\" Miller and Michael Bisping."
"Bisping and Miller make their official team picks. Miller then makes the first fight, an underdog match that will feature his fighter Bryan Caraway against Marcus Brimage."
"Bisping gets Mayhem back after his tire prank in the dressing room by jacking the tires on Mayhem's car.\n\nTempers flare during a Team Bisping sparring session, especially between Diego Brandao and Marcus Brimage."
"Bisping doesn't show up for the featherweight fight announcement and his team wonders where he has been.\n\nThe featherweight matchup was announced: Dennis Bermudez vs. Stephan Bass."
"After the previous fight, Diego Brandao calls out Steven Siler, wanting to fight him next.\n\nMiller devises a plan to throw off Team Bisping by postponing the predetermined matches to one week."
"Two fights highlight this one, including a finish that shocks Dana White!"
"Roland Delorme's foot injury leaves him questioning his future fighting on the show.\n\nFormer Brazilian muay thai champion Rafael Cordeiro of Chute Boxe Academy guest coaches during Team Miller's training session."
"Louis Gaudinot breaks down the separation going on in the house breaking it down into three groups: Louis, Dodson, Ferguson, Diego, Marcus, and Akira all hang out with each other; then there's the \"Bible Study Group\" which is Bedford, Dennis, and Dustin who stay to themselves; and lastly is \"The Casino\" made up of T.J., Neace, Prince (Albert), Caraway, and Bass who all play cards together every night."
"Dustin Pague acts like a good samaritan when he tells the van driver to stop so he can give a homeless man on the street a food care package.\n\nWhen Mayhem stops by the house for the fighter's barbeque, he dares Dustin Pague to eat a couple of live backyard bugs. Dustin excepts and eats the creepy crawlers for Mayhem's $60."
"The last two semifinal fights take place (Bantamweights): Johnny Bedford vs. John Dodson, and (Featherweights): Bryan Caraway vs. Diego Brandao."
Season 15 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Two days prior to the live episode, the 32 fighters were introduced to Dana White and the two coaches. White explains that an elimination round will be held and only 16 of the fighters will move on to \"The Ultimate Fighter House\" to compete during the rest of the season. He further explains that the elimination fights will consist of a single five minute round."
"The fighters and coaches are at the UFC training center with Dana White. White announces that he will flip a coin to pick a coach. The coach who wins the coin flip will have the option of picking the first fighter or the first fight. Urijah Faber wins the coin flip and decides to pick the first fight. Dominick Cruz makes the first fighter pick and the coaches alternate picking fighters for their teams."
"Following the previous week's live episode there is discussion among both teams in regards to the hesitancy on the part of Team Faber to choose someone to face Justin Lawrence."
"Myles Jury looks to keep Team Cruz unbeaten in a bout against Al Iaquinta of Team Faber. Jury is a former TUF participant who was injured early in Season 12."
"After Team Faber's first victory of the season, Faber chooses Michael Chiesa of Team Faber to square off against Jeremy Larsen of Team Cruz. Can Faber keep control of the fight picks or will Dominick Cruz regain the momentum, and the choice of match ups"
"Friday: It was discussed that Chris Tickle was drunk during the previous week's fight. In the locker room, Tickle was laughing and making jokes about his just announced fight with Joe Proctor. Dominick Cruz gets upset with Tickle's attitude and tells Tickle to keep his mouth shut for the next week.\n\nSaturday 10:30am: Mike Rio complains of pains in one of his knees and having difficulties moving it. Rio and Jeremy Larsen have a discussion about the lifetime of a mixed martial arts figher."
"Heading into tonight\u2019s TUF Live fight, Team Faber was up 3-2 with three more opening round fights to go. After losing the first two bouts, Team Faber has won the last three and will look to retain control.\n\nDominick Cruz and Team Cruz need a win bad as the losing is taking its toll on the bantamweight champion. \u201cI\u2019m here to win,\u201d said Cruz as he goes a little bit hard on Tickle following his loss, even going as far as implying Tickle has no heart."
"Team Faber's Andy Ogle fights Mike Rio of Team Cruz to determine the last quarterfinalist."
"James Vick vs Joe Proctor and Justin Lawrence vs Michael Chiesa in the first two quarterfinal fights."
"The quarterfinals conclude with Vinc Pinchel vs Chris Saunders and Al Iaquinta vs Andy Ogle."
"Semifinal bouts determine combatants for next week's finale. James Vick vs Michael Chiesa and Vinc Pichel vs Al Iaquinta."
"The Season 15 champion is crowned as Michael Chiesa faces Al Iaquinta in an all Team Faber finale in Las Vegas. Also: Jake Ellenberger vs Martin Kampmann in a welterweight bout. Also: Max Holloway vs. Pat Schilling; Jonathan Brookins vs. Charles Oliveira; Justin Lawrence vs. John Cofer."
Season 16 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson coach opposing teams of fighters competing for a six-figure UFC contract."
"The sixteen victorious fighters moved into the house. Rifts immediately began to form, with Matt Secor and Julian Lane frequently arguing. Later, Lane and Colton Smith pulled a prank on members of Team Carwin."
"Coach Carwin makes his first matchup as the second pair of welterweights square off in the Octagon. Also, one fighter's noisy late night activities create enemies on both teams."
"The third elimination bout is held between Team Carwin and Team Nelson. Also: Dana White treats the fighters to a special outing; Roy uses a bizarre method to pick the next matchup; and one fighter's weight puts his future in jeopardy."
"A fourth fighter is eliminated from the 16 welterweights battling for a coveted UFC contract."
"The fifth preliminary bout between Team Carwin and Team Nelson is held after tempers flare up in the house and training intensifies at the gym."
"The sixth preliminary bout between Team Carwin and Team Nelson."
"The seventh preliminary bout between Team Carwin and Team Nelson."
"The final preliminary bout between Team Carwin and Team Nelson."
"The first two quarterfinal fights."
"The quarterfinals continue with Team Nelson's Joey Rivera and Jon Manley entering the octagon, followed by Michael Hill vs. Mike Ricci in an all Canadian bout. Dana White announces the semifinal matchups."
"Four welterweights compete in the semifinals, for berths in the TUF Finale on Dec. 15 in Las Vegas. Mike Ricci faces Neil Magny on the Team Carwin side, while Colton Smith meets Jon Manley for Team Nelson."
"Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci in the Season 16 finale in Las Vegas. Roy Nelson vs. Matt Mitrione headlines the additional card. The Ultimate Fighter winner earns a six figure UFC contract and a custom motorcycle."
Season 17 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Season 17 begins with 14 winners of middleweight mixed martial arts preliminary bouts meeting coaches Jon \"Bones\" Jones and Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas. UFC President Dana White announces the first elimination fight. (2 hour show with a special 8 pm start time)"
"Gilbert Smith faces Luke Barnatt in the first preliminary fight after the 14 middleweights move into the house and begin training; Smith gets emotional over his team's doubts about his readiness."
"Before the second preliminary bout, Coach Jones bonds with his squad on a visit to the house, while Coach Sonnen instills confidence in a fighter."
"Before the third preliminary fight, the teams face off in a spontaneous rap battle at the house and a prank ignites smack talk that carries over to the weigh-in."
"Actor Mickey Rourke visits Team Sonnen to share insights from his days as a boxer while coach Jones wonders if a competitor is ready to fight. Bubba McDaniel meets Kelvin Gastelum in the fourth preliminary fight."
"A fighter's attitude ignites a blowup at the house, causing a major rift in Team Sonnen; while the fighters battle it out in a night of bowling, Jon and Chael raise the stakes in a game of their own; two fighters meet in the fifth preliminary fight."
"The sixth preliminary fight is preceded by a fighter cutting loose and another alienating himself when the guys get a night out at Hooters. Also: a fighter's recurring leg pain lands him in the hospital."
"After two fighters face off in the last preliminary fight, the coaches decide on the wildcard matchup. Also: Jones and Sonnen face off in a unique and difficult coaches challenge."
"Two preliminary losers face off in the wild-card match; the teams unite for a Thanksgiving feast; a fighter calls out a competitor for the quarterfinals before Dana announces the matchups."
"Kelvin Gastelum gets a surprise visit from UFC champ Ronda Rousey, as he prepares for his showdown with tough-as-nails Collin Hart. Boxing legend Mike Tyson is in attendance when Dylan Andrews tries to secure a spot in the final four facing Luke Barnatt."
"Quarterfinals conclude with Josh Samman squaring off against Jimmy Quinlan and Uriah Hall facing Bubba McDaniel."
"The final four fighters along with both coaches visit the Harley Davidson Motorcycles showroom to customize their bikes as one of the prizes for being The Ultimate Fighter."
Season 18 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Dana White looks to make history as for the first time ever, two females will serve as coaches for \"The Ultimate Fighter\" Season 18 as Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano look to mentor both male and female competitors on the show."
"David Grant vs Louis Fisette"
"Raquel Pennington vs Jessamyn Duke"
"Michael Wootten vs Josh Hall"
"Match hightlights from the previous fights are also shown.\n\nThe history behind Ronda Rousey and Meisha Tate's rivalry is revealed."
"Sarah Moras vs Peggy Morgan"
"The semifinalists make a special visit to a Harley-Davidson boot camp. Then, British brawler Michael Wootten takes on jiu-jitsu blackbelt Chris Holdsworth, with a spot in the live finale on the line."
"First semifinal fight: Sarah Moras vs. Julianna Pena."
"Now it's the men's turn as the first male semi-finalist match-up between Team Rousey's Anthony Gutierrez and David Grant are set to face-off in the octagon."
"Jessica Rakoczy vs Raquel Pennington"
"Gray Maynard vs Nate Diaz headline The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs Team Tate Finale live from Las Vegas"
Season 19 - The Ultimate Fighter
Season 20 - The Ultimate Fighter
"For the first time in the history of the competition, The Ultimate Fighter will crown a champion. 16 of the most talented female fighters in the world arrive to the UFC training center to compete in a tournament to decide who will be the first first belt holder in the UFC's new 115 pound straw-weight division."
"Hard training takes its toll on Team Melendez, while the Team Pettis fighters grow frustrated with their coaching. Then, Joanne Calderwood faces Emily Kagan for a spot in the quarterfinals."
"On the heels of Team Pettis' second win in a row, one of the fighters receives devastating news. After a silly game at the house turns raunchy, Heather Clark becomes an outcast on Team Melendez. Then in the third preliminary fight, #4 seed Jessica Penne of Team Pettis takes on #13 seed Lisa Ellis of Team Melendez, with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line."
"After Team Melendez loses it's 3rd fight in a row tensions between Heather Clark and the rest of Team Melendez escalate. Urijah Faber takes over for Anthony Pettis for a few days as a special guest coach. Then, in the fourth fight of the tournament Team Pettis pits #1 ranked Carla Esparza against #16 ranked Angela Hill for a chance to advance to the quarter finals."
"An injury forces one of the fighters out of the competition, and opens the door for another to get a second chance in the tournament. The Team Melendez fighters question the severity of Heather Clark's nagging knee injury. And the storied rivalry between #6 seed Felice Herrig of Team Pettis and #11 seed Clark finally comes to a head, as they face off in the fifth preliminary fight."
"Aisling struggles get the attention of Dana White's attention. Tecia's return to the competition angers some fighters. Then, in the sixth fight of the tournament Team Pettis pits #5 ranked Aisling Daly against #12 ranked Angela Magana for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals."
"The rift between the members of Team Melendez grows. Heather Clark receives shocking news that quiets her teammates. Both teams get a visit from members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. And in the seventh preliminary fight, #7 seed Rose Namajunas tries to earn Team Melendez its first win of the tournament, as she faces #10 seed Alex Chambers of Team Pettis."
"A group of Team Melendez fighters decide they want Tecia to move out of their room. At a pool party tensions between the fighters boil over. Then, in the final preliminary fight of the tournament Team Melendez sends #8 ranked Bec Rawlings against #3 ranked Tecia Torres for a chance to advance to the quarterfinals."
"With several teammates set to face off in the quarterfinals, Team Pettis decides opponents will not attend the same practice. But one of the fighters breaks the agreement and the team disintegrates into arguing factions. Then, in one of the most heated matchups of the season, teammates do battle as #6 seed Felice Herrig takes on #14 seed Randa Markos....with a spot in the semifinals at stake."
"Aisling Daly gets a surprise visit from Conor McGregor. The fighters visit Harley Davidson bootcamp. Then, in the second quarterfinal #5 ranked Aisling Daly takes on #4 ranked Jessica Penne with the winner advancing to the semi-final."
"In a special two-fight episode...#3 seed Tecia Torress tries to make the most of her second chance in the tournament, when she faces top seed Carla Esparza in the third quarterfinal fight. Then 7 seed Rose Namajunas, the only fighter remaining from Team Melendez, takes on #2 ranked Joanne Calderwood....for the last spot in the semifinals."
"#4 seed Jessica Penne looks to put personal feelings aside as she takes on top seed and close friend Carla Esparza. Then, 14 seed Randa Markos tries for her third straight upset victory, as she faces 7 seed Rose Namajunas of Team Melendez. Two episode...with the winners securing a spot in the live finale in Las Vegas, and a shot at the first-ever UFC women's straw-weight belt."
Season 21 - The Ultimate Fighter
"After Hayder Hassan's thrilling victory, the Americans look to continue that momentum against the Blackzillians.\n\n"
"comming soon"
"After Nathan Coy's thrilling victory, the Americans looks to stay off alive in the competition."
"A controversial victory by Michael Graves has now put the Amerians back in the competition and a chance to win it all."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 22 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Conor is shocked to find out that Urijah has brought in Jose Aldo as a guest coach. Then, the semifinal fights determine the matchup for the live finale in Las Vegas."
"Joe Lauzon vs. Evan Dunham \t\t\t\t\n\nTatsuya Kawajiri vs. Jason Knight \t\t\t\t\n\nJoby Sanchez vs. Geane Herrera"
Season 23 - The Ultimate Fighter
"The fighters move into the house, and the start of training brings animosity between the coaches. Then, in the first preliminary fight, a dangerous striker takes on a familiar opponent."
"Season 20 winner Carla Esparza pays a visit and helps Team Joanna with training; and Abdel Medjedoub gets a call from home that puts his future in the competition in jeopardy. Then, two strawweights battle for a spot in the semifinals."
"Dana chooses to intervene when Abdel's personal problems threaten his future in the competition. Meanwhile, a losing fighter eyes a second chance. Then, in the fifth preliminary fight, a determined young competitor faces a skilled veteran."
"Cory gets the test results from his neck injury, and the coaches start training for their upcoming title fight. Then, two more strawweights clash for the last semifinals spot."
"Gray Maynard vs. Fernando Bruno \u00a0\n\nJohn Moraga vs. Matheus Nicolau \u00a0\n\nCezar Ferreira vs. Anthony Smith \u00a0\u00a0\n\nJosh Stansbury\u00a0vs.\u00a0Cory Hendricks"
"The Ultimate Fighter: Team Joanna vs. Team Cl\u00e1udia Finale\u00a0(also known as\u00a0The Ultimate Fighter 23 Finale) was a\u00a0mixed martial arts\u00a0event held on July 8, 2016 at the\u00a0MGM Grand Garden Arena\u00a0in\u00a0Las Vegas, Nevada.[1]\u00a0This event was a part of UFC International Fight Week.\n\nJoanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Claudia Gadelha \u00a0\n\nAndrew Sanchez vs. Khalil Rountree \u00a0\n\nAmanda Cooper vs. Tatiana Suarez\n\nRoss Pearson\u00a0vs.\u00a0Will Brooks \u00a0\n\nJoaquim Silva vs. Andrew Holbrook \u00a0"
Season 24 - The Ultimate Fighter
"No description"
"Middleweight Elvis Mutapcic vs. Anthony Smith \t\t\t\t\n\nLight Heavyweight Josh Stansbury vs. Devin Clark"
Season 25 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Sixteen aspiring mixed martial artists live together, train together and compete against each other to become the Ultimate Fighter. They receive coaching from UFC champions and....."
"Two welterweights seeking redemption take to the Octagon in the final preliminary fight. After Dana White and coaches Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw deliberate, the wildcard matchup is announced."
"A special two-fight episode features an emotional wildcard matchup to determine the last quarterfinalist before two welterweights compete for the first semifinal spot. Elsewhere, Cody and TJ face off in an epic tetherball challenge."
"A prank war heats up between the teams and the coaches take the fighters out for a night on the town before two teammates face off in the second quarterfinal fight."
"Four welterweights compete for the remaining semifinal spots in two thrilling back-to-back fights. Also: the animosity between the coaches goes too far at the weigh-ins; Dana White determines the semifinal matchups."
"The fourth semifinalist is determined. Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw serve as coaches."
"Season 25 finalists are determined. Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw serve as coaches."
"No description"
Season 26 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Two top-seeded teammates discuss the possibility of having to face each other later in the tournament; a fighter shares the story of her lifelong battle with addiction; and a heavily-favored veteran takes on an underdog in the fourth preliminary fight."
"After losing in the Octagon, one fighter skips training, causing a rift between her and her coach; two more flyweights face off in the fifth preliminary fight. Eddie Alvarez and Justin Gaethje serve as coaches."
"Eddie Alvarez pulls out all the stops to give his team a competitive advantage; a fighter struggles with an old injury; and one of the most accomplished fighters in the tournament takes on a young rising star in the sixth preliminary fight."
"Following a dominant win by No. 2 seed Barb Honchak to eliminate No. 15 seed Gillian Robertson, there are only two fights remaining in the opening round of the tournament to determine the first ever women\u2019s flyweight champion in the UFC.\n\nThis week, Team Alvarez sends Hungarian striker Melinda Fabian, the No. 7 overall seed, against Team Gaethje\u2019s Rachael Ostovich-Berdon, who enters the tournament as the No. 10 seed.\n\nFabian has been relatively quiet all season long, but she came under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons a week ago after suffering a hamstring injury that threatened to knock her out of the competition. Injuries on The Ultimate Fighter are commonplace, much like anywhere else in mixed martial arts, but Fabian joined Emily Whitmire as the fighters who have suffered through ailments with a shortened timeline until they must determine whether they can compete or drop out of the competition."
"After a tough loss she can't forget, Lauren Murphy is unhappy on Team Alvarez and resents Eddie on how he handled training leading up to her fight. Eddie and Justin compete in the coaches challenge."
"No description"
Season 27 - The Ultimate Fighter
"Season 27 begins as MMA stars Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier captain teams of undefeated lightweight and featherweight fighters competing for a UFC contract."
"Stipe Miocic gets creative, redecorating the opposing team's locker room; a fighter has a heated exchange with Cormier during practice; and the two most well-rounded featherweights in the competition go head to head in the octagon."
"Two fighters get into a heated argument in the team van; during his weight cut, an irritable fighter has choice words for the house loudmouth; and two lightweights face off in the third preliminary fight. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier serve as coaches."
"A serious injury threatens to take a fighter out of the competition; Daniel Cormier leaves Cain Velasquez temporarily in charge of the team; and two featherweights battle for a spot in the semifinals."
"Things get heated between the teams after an assistant coach discovers that one of the fighters on the opposing team is injured. Then, two lightweights face off in the fifth preliminary fight. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier are coaches for Season 27."
"Tensions rise at the house after a fighter tries to provoke his opponent, while two losing fighters lobby Dana to get back in the competition. The third featherweight fight determines the next semifinalist. Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier are coaches."
"Undefeated MMA hopefuls are led by coaches Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier in Season 27 of this competition for a UFC contract. The seventh preliminary fight is held."
"A controversial fighter takes on one of the top featherweights in the final preliminary fight of the season; Dana White meets with coaches Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier to discuss the semifinals, and the matchups are announced."
Season 28 - The Ultimate Fighter
"MMA men\u2019s heavyweights and women\u2019s featherweights train, compete and live together with an eye on the ultimate prize of a pro contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship. Middleweights Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum serve as coaches."
"A heavyweight struggles with his conditioning; a gym mishap lands a fighter in the dentist chair; and two fighters go head to head in the first female featherweight matchup. Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum serve as coaches."
"It\u2019s a house divided, as a rift emerges between the American and foreign fighters. A fighter gets help from his entire team during a difficult weight cut. And two more heavyweights face off in the third preliminary fight."
"Leah debates whether she should switch teams; a motivational trainer helps out one of the teams and puts the fighters through rigorous drills; and two heavyweights meet in the fifth preliminary fight. Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum are coaches."
"A featherweight edges closer to switching teams; Kelvin invites his TUF 17 final opponent to join his coaching staff. Then, the third featherweight preliminary fight determines the next semifinalist."
"The last featherweight preliminary bout is held. Also: Maurice Greene\u2019s excessive drinking becomes a problem at the house; and Dana White announces the semifinal matchups. Middleweights Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum serve as coaches."
"The semifinals continue in the Octagon, with a spot in the finale at stake. Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum serve as coaches."
"The semifinals continue in the Octagon, with a spot in the finale at stake. Robert Whittaker and Kelvin Gastelum serve as coaches."
"No description"
"No description"
Season 29 - The Ultimate Fighter
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
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